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  • Are there any appliances included?

    Yes, each cottage includes a stove, refrigerator, and microwave (these are not new - they are in AS IS condition). Toasters and coffeemakers are in most cottages. In cottages with floor plan "B" and "C", there is room for the purchaser to add a washer and dryer, if they choose.

  • What else is included in the purchase price?

    In addition to the appliances above, each cottage is furnished with a double bed, dresser and night table in each bedroom, a kitchen table with 4 chairs, television, couch, loveseat, coffee table and occasional tables in the living room. Lamps are in both the bedrooms and the living room. Basic dishes and cutlery are also included. There are no linens or bedding. Basic window treatments are included.

  • Can I rent out my cottage?

    Yes, you can rent it out. You can rent it yourself, or join our Rental Pool, and we will take care of everything including advertising, reservations, check-in, housekeeping and collecting the money for you. Ask us for more details.

  • What storage facilities can I have?C

    Each cottage owner may rent a storage unit in the self storage area in the plaza. Click Here For Pricing

  • Where can I park?

    Each cottage will have 2 (two) parking spots assigned. These spots will be as close to your cottage as possible, but parking areas are on the perimeter of the cottage neighborhood.

  • Who maintains my cottage?

    The Cottage Association (of which you are a member) will maintain all common area grounds.You will be responsible for all maintenance of your cottage.

  • Will Elite Resorts provide financing?

    No, Elite Resorts will not provide financing. Community Bank & Trust of Florida is ready to assist buyers, or you are free to arrange your own financing. Contact information available. You must, however, pay a $1,500.00 non interest bearing deposit in the form of a check or cash in order to sign a purchase contract. No exceptions! Closings to be within 45 days of agreement.

  • What is the Cottages of Salt Springs Resort, A Condominium?

    The Cottages at Salt Springs Resort is a conversion condominium in the gated community, Salt Springs Resort, in Salt Springs, Florida. The condominium consists of 39 "AS IS" cottages and the surrounding common property. "AS IS" refers to the state of cottage, and all furnishings.

  • What does A Condominium mean?

    As a cottage owner in the condominium, you will receive deeded title for the interior of your cottage and become a member of the Condominium Association with accompanying rights and obligations. The primary purpose of the Association is to provide for maintenance of the exteriors of the cottages and the portions of the property known as common areas.

  • What are my rights under A Condominium?

    As a cottage owner, you will receive all contents, fixtures and appliances in the cottage at the time of closing. After closing, owners can improve or modify all interiors at their pleasure. All cottages have new roofing, siding, windows, exterior doors, screened porches and air conditioning units. Furthermore, as a cottage owner, you will have access to all amenities and recreation areas of the property.

  • What are my obligations?

    As a member of the Condominium Association, you are required to pay the quarterly association dues, as follows:

    All Units are $511.77 Per Quarter

    The fee includes

    • Maintenance of roads and common areas
    • Insurance on Common Grounds
    • Basic cable TV
    • Two assigned parking spaces
    • Garbage removal
    • Security
    • Reserves for replacement of capital assets

    In addition, membership in the Salt Springs Recreation Club provides you access to all amenities and recreation areas of the property including 10 acre along Little Lake Kerr, the 10,000 square foot lodge and 2 swimming pools. The mandatory quarterly fee for membership in the Salt Springs Recreation Club is $207.06 this fee is included in the quarterly fees mentioned above ( Fee subject to change). Finally, a cottage owner is responsible for property taxes and metered utilities including electricity, water, sewage, natural gas and telephone.

  • How do I choose a cottage?

    Cottages are now available for inspection. The cottages are sold on an “AS IS” basis, meaning all appliances and furnishings are included in the purchase price and the developer makes no representations or warranties, other than those required by statute, as to the condition of the cottage. The three different floor plans are represented by: Unit A - 661 gross square feet (34 units), Unit B – 720 gross square feet (4 units) and Unit C - 680 gross square feet (1 unit).

  • Is financing available?

    Community Bank & Trust of Florida have expressed interest in financing prospective purchasers. Contact names and telephone numbers will be provided.

  • Is there a rental program?

    Elite Resorts Management, Inc., manager of the Condominium Association, will act as Rental Management Agent for those owners wishing to use our Rental Pool. There is no obligation to use this service, and owners may choose to rent their cottage independently. From January 2010 to December 2010, the cottages were rented on average 60% of the time with an Average Daily Rate (“ADR”) of $84.00.

  • What is the annual property tax?

    The estimated annual property tax per cottage is approximately $1,075.

  • How do I get more information?

    Please call us at 1-800-356-2460 between 8am and 5pm any day of the week for more information.