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Visitor & Extra Person Fees

Visitor & Extra Person Fees

Visitor & Extra persons are defined as registered members of the camping party beyond the “family of 4 and no more than 6 on any site. Additional guests must be listed on the registration slip and paid for at the time of registration for the entire length of the camping stay, and are non-transferable during the duration of the reservation.


SITE CAMPING—Visitor & Extra Person Fees

Additional Registered Guests (Above 4 People Max of 6 Per Rental)

  • (18 & over):$12 per person per night for full stay (17 and Under): $6 per person per night for full stay
    Children 5 and Under are Free.
Day Visitors to Registered Guests
  •  $12 (18 – up) $6 (3-17) Children under 5 are free
Day Visitors
  • Day Passes per person (per day) $35 (18 – up) $15 (5 – 17) Children under 5 are free. After 1 PM Day Passes are $18 for Adults & $7 for Children Under 17
  • Hours of operation will be 8-am to 6-pm

If you have any questions regarding any of these policies, please call us at (860) 886-1944.